Thursday, November 21, 2019

Communication situation i been to Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Communication situation i been to - Essay Example One thing that differentiated Dr. Smith from other teachers was that he was very difficult to talk to. In the start, I thought it was the huge difference of our ages that made it difficult for me to develop a comfort level with him. But later, I realized he was determined not to be satisfied, though with a positive intention, so that I would work even harder to get him satisfied. â€Å"Yes Jonathan, show me what have you done,† he started the investigation. I handed over the questionnaire to him. After having a bird’s eye-view on the paper, he pursed his lips and gave me a stern look. Without sufficiently understanding the statements, he asked me why I had included certain questions in the questionnaire. Before I would answer him, he questioned about the link of another question in the questionnaire to the thesis. I realized I would have to make my point in order to let him understand why the questions were there. Although it was too difficult to interrupt him in the mi ddle of his endless taunt, I mustered up all my courage and said to him, â€Å"Sir, sorry to interrupt you, but here I want to clarify the validity of these questions.† He stopped, â€Å"Ok, what do you want to say?† While saying this to him, I looked him straight in the eyes, though with due respect. In all of my meetings with him, I was tentative to confront him or constantly look him straight in the eyes while talking to him. But this time, I did do it because I had recently learnt that eyes play a fundamental role in making the communication meaningful. Once we make eye contact with the other person while talking to him/her, we convey the feeling that we are mean what we say. This casts a good impression on the other person and he/she takes our point seriously. Eye contact is indeed, the most important of all facial expressions because it conveys an individual’s sincerity and credibility to the other (E. C. G., 2003). Making a constant eye-contact

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